Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Inspiration

I am hugely obsessed with birthdays. I love surprises, and of course, who doesn't love all the attention?! Here are some of my favorite birthday inspired images I found on Pinterest.

My favorite memories from past birthdays was my family coming in and waking me up the morning of my birthday, bringing me Starbucks and breakfast in bed, then opening all my presents. Later that day we would go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant and I'd blow the candles out on a fabulous cake (usually a pink champagne cake from Madonna Inn.)

This is my first birthday spent with my husband, so I am excited to start new traditions and spend the day with him and Riley.

What do you love most about birthdays?


  1. Birthdays are SO important, I think. You're literally celebrating the fact that the person exists! It's so important to make birthdays special. I need to figure out where I can buy that pink champagne with the graffiti pen - so cool!

  2. Very cool that its your first birthday with your husband! I hope all of you have a great day!

  3. I love birthdays so much:) I love the atmosphere of it:)

  4. great post!