Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The past two days I've been home with my poor sick baby girl. Ever since we moved up here to Washington and out her in a larger daycare facility, she had gotten sick at least 7 times. I've missed a total of 4 days of work unpaid. Needless to say, this has been a burden. I just want my healthy baby back! I want to be able to catch up on bills instead of falling behind. In lieu of all this, do yourself and your family a favor and keep up on vitamins, and sleep, and make healthy choices. I know I've been lacking in these, and Riley has been no exception to these.

I am thankful for my own health, and my husband's as well. While fevers and colds aren't the worst case scenarios (which have been on going for Riley) they still are not to be taken lightly. Hoping to find some solutions today at the doctors appointment.

Stay healthy!

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  1. It has been such a terrible cold and flu season this year! I hope your little one feels better soon!