Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Redesign


So I'm in desperate need of a blog redesign. My page is just too simple looking, and I want it to be more attractive. Does anyone have any recommendations for people that do awesome blog designs and are a reasonable price??

Also, the weather has been CRAZY here. It was gorgeous and sunny and hot all weekend, then Monday rolled around and it started to cool off - yesterday was really windy and FREEZING! It was also supposed to rain, but that didn't happen. Could we just stay at a constant temperature please?! My body would thank you since it wouldn't have to acclimate to every type of weather that's thrown its way here!

I can't wait for summer.

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh, i feel like i can generally deal with the cold weather, but wind makes everything worse.
    and i just started doing blog designs for people but I'm no pro. but i know that alyx (http://garnerfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/) specializes in blog designs ;)
    xo TJ