Friday, March 9, 2012


Ok, so this is a little embarrassing. I've recently become addicted to Army Wives on Netflix and will watch episode after episode each night before bed. Well last night, I cried for an ENTIRE episode. We're talking 42 minutes of straight bawling and snot everywhere. But let me tell you something...it felt so good to cry like that because it's been forever since I have!

On another note, there was a gloriously large moon out last night, which I tried desperately at getting a good picture of...on my iPhone. Let's just say it looks like a large yellow circle surrounded by black. Not exactly the artistic vision I had going.

It's FRIDAY people!!! I'm going to work til noon then get my little booty to the beach with some of my friends! Yahooooo!

Have an awesome weekend :)

1 comment:

  1. great pictures girl! and i have not had jamba juice in forever! you are making me very jealous right about now!!
    xo TJ