Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ever since I saw the beautiful photos of the recent Girl Scout Camp themed retreat at Ojai Rancho Inn put on by Bash Please, The Life Styled,  Fiore Beauty attended by the bloggers of Smitten Studio, the Glitter Guide, Sweet Thing Blog, DesignLoveFest, among many other creative women, I have been wanting to attend one of these awesome retreats to meet and connect with other creative women. How cool would it be to get a group of Pacific Northwest ladies together and meet up somewhere like Lake Chelan? I would absolutely LOVE to meet Taylor from His Little Lady, Erika from Rouge and Whimsy, and Heather from JustLove.ly

Check out the gorgeous pictures of the retreat on The Glitter Guide's blog! What do you think of this idea?? Any takers??

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  1. Best idea I've heard in a long time! I've lived in the PNW my whole life and I've never been to Lake Chelan, can you believe it?! My husband was actually there last weekend for a bachelor party and it seems like so much fun!

    Sarah @ Life As Always