Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Allergies and Other Fun Stuff

Well, today my allergies have worsened. They started over the weekend but weren't too bad besides some sneezing and a raw throat. Now I just feel congested, tired, and my eyes won't allow me to wear my contacts....so the nerdy glasses went on. Other than that, I feel pretty fabulous! I got my hair done last night by my talented friend Lindsey - if you live in Tacoma or near it, I HIGHLY suggest you look her up at Chroma Salon on 6th ave and get your hair done by her!!

So my hair looks and feels great, my makeup is rockin' so I don't even look like I feel like crap, and on top of all that, the rep from Rocky Boots came in today and gave me and my manager vouchers for free boots! Durango.com here I come!!!! I'm ordering the most gorgeous taupe cowgirl boots ever. Can't wait to outfit post them!!! WITH EVERYTHING I OWN. But really....

Hopefully your Tuesday is going well, it's gloomy here as usual, but hey - going home on a mini vacay will be that much sweeter ;)

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  1. Well at least allergies mean it's spring and things are starting to grow! And your hair looks great!