Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gaga ohh la la...

Well this past week has kinda flown by. All of last week I persistently called a local radio station to win tickets to Lady Gaga. And it paid off cause I won!!! My friend and I drove up to Seattle to pick up the tickets and hung out around town to wait off the awful traffic. Sunday my Seahawks sadly lost the game at 19 seconds in the 4th. Soooo not fair. Moving on...Monday was totally epic, had pizza and wine and got ready at my friends house before taking a cab to the concert. We saw all kinds there...some pretty hilarious get ups! The show was incredible...and long. I didn't get home until late and had to work the next day. I also got a nice large bruise on my leg from dancing like a crazy person in the stands. But I really can't complain...I got to finally see one of my top two concerts I've been dying to see!!!! Next on the list is Taylor Swift...and she's coming here in August ;) I can't wait!

Happy Weekend all!

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