Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- I tried doing the sock bun last night. Woke up hoping for some amazing results. Annnnnd nope. Sock bun fail.
- After washing out the crazy sock bun concoction on my head I attempted to dry my hair and pin curl them the get long lasting curls. Fail again.
- Going to pick up my last paycheck from my other job only for my coworker to tell me that office's manager's dad had just passed away. Wow, um...I don't really know what to say. 
- I was waiting in line at a local sandwich shop to pay for my sandwich, and the girl that was making it went to the register, so I followed her over there to pay since the two people in front me's sandwiches weren't done yet. Only for her to ring them up and leave me standing there like an idiot.
- The fact that all this happened in the same day.

- Three day weekend! WOOHOO! And Monday is a PAID holiday!
- I started my new job this week! Full time, stable pay, yippee!
- Shellac manicures. Best. Thing. EVER. Considering I always chip my manicures the day after.
- Valentine's Day with my BFF. Getting dressed up really fancy, Gourmet hamburgers & beer, a chick flick, complete with flowers and candy!


  1. definitely very excited to spend this three day weekend with the hubby and having him actually be able to sleep in :)
    xo TJ

  2. Full of style. Love it.