Thursday, December 1, 2011


So these past few weeks have been super crazy. I had to take on this insainly large project for one of my jobs - and I swear it felt like it was never going to end! I finally finished it today, and let out a BIG sigh of relief. The holiday break was nice though, I really needed it! I'm currently obsessing over wearing a french braid into a side braid. It is so easy, and ends up looking very chic!

I got a BRAND NEW CAR this week! I'm so excited because it is completely under MY name and has all the super awesome features I wanted. I wrapped a TON of presents this past weekend after my little black "thursday" adventure. That pictures isn't even half of the presents that were wrapped! I made some new eco braid necklaces that I listed up in my Etsy shop. So cute and easy!

While I was shopping in a local health food store, I found this Bar Harbor clam chowder. I lived in Maine for almost two years, and whenever we had the chance my best friend and I would get Riley in her car seat and take a little road trip out to Bar Harbor. We had so much fun out there. My favorite memory is when I had just gotten back from visiting my parents in California and had snowed a lot by the time I got to Maine. Elisha and I went to Bar Harbor and she took pictures of us on the dock wearing our big snow jackets and furry hats. She took one of my all time favorite pictures of Riley and I. I love those memories that you cherish forever and go back to every time you look at that photo.

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