Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awkard and Awesome Thursday!

- Me posting this at the end of Thursday, but at least it's still Thursday, right??
- Out on the job and an unexpected visitor arrives. Ahem....the female kind that is. And I'm not prepared.
- All the adults dressed up all cool in their costumes at Farmers Market tonight, except me. The one who usually dresses up for any opportunity. Lame :(
- wearing a sorta see through shirt under my sweater to class yesterday...then having to take off my sweater and try on a muslin shirt to create my bodice pattern...should've worn something else apparently because I felt almost naked.

- Got my new glasses today! Woohoo!
- Taking Riley trick-or-treating at our Farmer's Market. And the stores STILL had candy when we went! (Unlike last year)
- Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream. YUM!
- Halloween TV specials....then next, CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!!!
- This awesome chilly but not too chilly weather we've been having. It's a rotation of 65 and 70 over here.
- Drinking more tea. Instead of coffee and soda.

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