Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So I've been pretty MIA this week...and I'm gonna blame it on my terrible allergies. I haven't been able to wear contacts in a week due to my dry irritated eyes and it's driving me crazy. I lost part of my Monroe stud so I'm subjected to wearing one too big until I get a new one. I let my hair be crazy and curly. Really, I was just lazy.

On better notes, Riley and I went to Farmers Market, I went to the beach in 80 degree heat, we rode bikes and scooters to the park, Riley modeled her new ballet ensemble. I get to see Rocky soon. That is actually a huge improvement since it has been forever. And that has been my week.


  1. oh my gosh your glasses are so adorable! love love love! xo

  2. I have that same Zoya polish! Love it!!

  3. all great images! and that one of josh hutcherson is absolutely perfect!
    xo TJ