Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Baby Girl is Four Today...

It really doesn't seem that long ago. That I carried her in my belly for 9 months. Then she was born a the second week of April, snow still on the ground. We were living in Maine, my best friend and I had just gotten done eating the spiciest hot wings available at Texas Roadhouse, and still no baby. That was April 10th. My belly was huge, and my tops barely covered it anymore. I went to bed thinking that I'd just have to be patient and wait a little longer....

Fast forward to 2AM and I'm in labor. I wait it out as long as possible because there was no way I was going back to the hospital only for them to tell me it's just a false alarm. I wait three hours. Then I know it's time to go. By the time I get to the hospital, I'm already dilating at a rapid speed - I was 7 CM! Four hours later, and a beautiful baby girl is put into my arms.

You always hear about children being the best thing to ever happen to you. Well it's true. Riley is the best thing that's ever happened to me. She's my little companion, my favorite shopping partner, my favorite conversationalist, my favorite singer...she knows how to make my laugh when I need it most. She has the biggest heart and the most contagious laugh. I could never imagine life without her.

Riley, thank you for blessing my life for the past four years and years to come. I love you.


  1. Love The Little Booger. Cant Wait To Have You Guys Around All The Time!

  2. She is soo cute! Happy late Birthday to her!