Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift Exchange!

So one day I was reading Casey's blog and she mentioned a little gift exchange and link up as a kick off to the new year. She was hosting it along with a few other well known bloggers, and I thought what fun this would be! So I e-mailed Alycia at Crowley Party and told her I would love to participate. I got an email a week later and was paired up with Jacqueline at The Halloween Wife

I immediately went to her blog and started reading. I got really excited when I realized she was a military wife (I'm soon to be one!) and that we had a lot in common - we are even born in the same month and same year! How crazy is that?? (Go February babies!!)

Soon after, I e-mailed her and we got to talk about ourselves. Her husband is currently deployed, she's going to school full time, and she's working - she's quite the busy lady!

Today I got my package in the mail and I was so excited. The gifts she gave were incredible and sweet, and she totally outdid my gifts! Thank you Jacqueline for all the sweet gifts you sent - I can't wait to drink some coffee in my new mug while eating chocolates and reading those magazines ;)
Go check out Jacqueline's blog over at The Halloween Wife!

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  1. I am such a horrible blog friend!! Today is the first day I've been on since last Wednesday! I've been swamped I'm so sorry!!! I got your gift on Wednesday/Thursday my days are mashing together... I LOVE IT! Thank You sooooo much! I've pretty much wore the scarf everyday because I didn't have one and It's been cold as balls! I've been trying to plan an outfit so I can wear my headband now even though it's not Halloween! haha I haven't succeeded yet because I've had to work everyday... Thank You again! I'll post about your gift tomorrow even though it won't get linked!