Friday, November 18, 2011

GAH Friday

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but today was just plain sucky. Riley was still not well enough to go to school, I was super tired from the less and lesser amounts of sleep I had been getting this week. Not only that, but there is a HUGE project at work that I've been meagerly chipping away at the past few days that's just been driving me INSAIN! It's just been one of those weeks.

It doesn't help that whenever I leave my man behind in Seattle, I have a case of the blues. And for some reason this week, never ending anxiety.

In the middle of my copying fiasco of a project, I decided to take a quick break and run over to Starbucks for a much needed peppermint mocha to lift my spirits. As soon as I got the the street corner it's off of, there were some badddd signs. The Apple Store was dark and locked up. Then every store after that was the same. I hustled to where Starbucks was muttering "please no, please no" under my breath until I got to the doors and my heart dropped when I noticed that it was in fact, dark too. A power outage in downtown center. SUPER BUMMER! So instead I proceeded to another coffee shop and got a not very good Chai Latte. Lame-o.

My CHI died this morning - serious problem because I had to have fluffy bangs and resorted to a messy french braid side pony. After work I went to Target and picked up a cheap flat iron to hold me over til I can get a nicer one. At least my hair is sleek and pretty! Just wasn't much a fan of the burning plastic smell. Oh well.

Saw Breaking Dawn at midnight, totally epic but hence, while I'm exhausted today. It blew my mind though. I cried, I laughed, I sat there thinking wtf??? I probably won't end up going back to see it in theaters again. My man is lucky for that one.

So cheers to the weekend because man, do I need it.

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