Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday

 Skirts: Missoni for Target, Sweater: Rubbish @ Nordstrom, Top: Lush @ Nordstrom, Riley's Top: Oshkosh, Accessories: Watch by Michael Kors, Friendship Bracelet from a baby shower, and Studded Bracelet from Forever 21

So I'm going to start off by how much of a GREAT mood I've been in all day! Seriously, it's Monday - and usually Monday's are all sorts of crazy. But for some reason I woke up on the very right side of the bed this morning because I've been chipper and smiley, and I think it even surprised my boyfriend when he called me earlier today.

So last week I went to Target at 8 AM when they first opened for the day on Tuesday September 13th. If you hadn't read my lasts few posts then you obviously don't know what was so important about that day. Well Missoni for Target finally released their new collection, which happened to sell out in a matter of hours online which caused their website to crash for two days, and in stores. My friend Madison and I met up at Target and were the first lucky ladies to grab some of the goods of the shelves before they were gone. I mostly got things for Riley - ballet flats, rainboots, a skirt and a skirt for myself. I would've gotten a few other things but the Target here only got certain items in their shipment.

Let me tell you, the hype on these items are incredible. I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo yesterday with Riley and I had several people stop me and ask "where did you get your skirt?" or "is that Missoni for Target?!" or "You totally lucked out with the Missoni!" because of course, Riley and I were both wearing our Missoni skirts. We were so cool. So chic and with it. Sigh. We're awesome.

Oh and of course, Riley had a BLAST at the zoo - I mean, how could you not have a good time seeing such incredible animals at such a close observation?

We ended our day with lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe (the half turkey sandwich and tomato basil soup is my fav!) then headed home. Busy busy day but so worth it.

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