Monday, August 1, 2011

OC Fair

This weekend I packed up my little car so Riley and I could head down to Ontario to meet up with my friend Meghan, do a mini photo shoot for my line Hybrid Couture
swam in the pool for a little bit, then got ready to head down to Costa Mesa for the OC Fair! Tiger Army was playing, so I was really excited to see them since I love their music. Let me just tell you - they were INCREDIBLE live. The fair was also pretty amazing, vendors on every corner with every fried food you could imagine, and some pretty cool looking rides - with one that we actually went on called La Grande Wheel, the giant ferris wheel! I had my funnel cake - which I had been looking forward to all week. Make that all summer. Riley had way too much cotton candy and had a little too much fun at the concert throwing her her arms up in the air going "WOOOOO!" everytime the band was getting ready to play a song and people cheered. I was cracking up cause it was pretty darn funny.

Did you go to any awesome fairs this summer??

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