Sunday, July 17, 2011

She is My Sunshine...

My daughter Riley says the most amazing things on a daily basis. One day as we're getting ready she'll say in her sweet little voice "I like your dress mom, it's so pretty" or if I got mad at her because she was playing in her room, blocking the door and not taking her nap, she'll say as I'm tucking her in "I'm sorry I was by the door mom, I love you" and instantly any anger I had dissipates. Children do the most amazing things. One of my favorite things is when she's singing along to the radio in the car, or making up her own songs about something she's doing. I can't wait to see how her interests evolve. Princesses, Spongebob, and Dinosaurs are where we're at right now. And any book she gets her hand on she does her best to "read" it aloud.

And I don't think many kids carry around a dictionary as their favorite book. Just sayin', this kid's going somewhere!

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